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More “Tips from the Pro” on our Brunswick County Golf Course

Previously, we shared some tips for playing our East Course from our Head Pro, James Biggs. And while our East Course is currently closed for improvements, we want you to be ready for the “new and improved” East Course by October 1st, 2011 – so we’re sharing three more “Tips from the Pro”!  

Brunswick County NC Golf CourseHole 4: Long dog-leg left Par 4.  Make sure you’re lining yourself up correctly on this tee shot. I try to keep my feet, my hips, and my shoulders all aiming at the same spot. 

Hole 5: Another long Par 3 where the green is more elevated than you think.  For every 10 yards of elevation, I like to add a club.  The ball will be in the air less therefore it won’t travel as far.  Same rule applies when going downhill. 

Hole 6: Water runs all the way across the fairway on this number 1 handicap Par 4.  Take out your 180-190 yard club and aim for the right side of the fairway toward the tree.  I try to give myself a good angle at every green to minimize the difficulty of the approach shot.

More “Tips from the Pro” on our Brunswick County Golf Course

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